Detect & Respond to Unknown Cyber Threats

Deploy AI-based protection for all devices at once. Simplify your security and mature your defenses with DNSDome. Detect, deflect, and decipher hidden threats within your network.

Navigate the digital world with unwavering confidence, both on and off the network.


Fortify Your Network Against Advanced Cyber Threats

DNSDome is a protective DNS service, also known as a DNS firewall, that focuses on early detection and mitigation of cyber-attacks. As a comprehensive cloud-based solution, DNSDome leverages Cyber X-Ray’s AI-based domain intelligence to defend networks against sophisticated threats.

Simple to implement yet highly effective, DNSDome offers robust protection against a wide range of threats, including ransomware, spam, phishing, malware, zero-day and advanced DNS tunneling attacks.

Instantly Neutralise DNS Tunneling Attempts

DNSDome harnesses real-time domain intelligence and AI algorithms to prevent hard-to-detect tunneling attacks, including ultra-slow DNS tunneling that could persist for up to two years to transfer a mere 2MB of data.

Comprehensive Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Not only does DNSDome detect and block unwanted connections, but it also grants users access to Cyber X-Ray’s rich trove of historical domain intelligence, enabling well-informed decision-making when needed.

Defend from Firstly Seen Domains: Positive Security

Connections to firstly seen and newly registered domains are temporarily blocked until they are deemed safe through instant categorisation. DNSDome guarantees network integrity without compromising connectivity.

Enhanced Protection for Remote Workers

With DNSDome, protection for corporate employees and resources can be easily extended to remote workers with the “Roaming Client” module, ensuring the same level of effective security regardless of their location. Simple and easy deployment, along with cross-platform support, allows security teams to quickly roll out the module while preventing end users from disabling protection.

Nex-Generation DNS Security: DDR 2.0

What is DDR 2.0?

DDR (DNS Layer Detection and Respond) has been an established concept for some time now. DNSSense has taken DDR to the next level by integrating automation, real-time domain insights and artificial intelligence.
This approach is a reinvention of the detection and response concept at this critical juncture.

Elevating DNS security to unparalleled heights, DNSDome is an integral component of the DDR 2.0 solution set. Through bi-directional integration with DNSEye and Cyber X-Ray, DNSDome forges the first layer of your threat detection and response framework. By correlating data from the responsible process to the historical analysis of target domains in real-time, DNSDome can detect and prevent even newly emerging cyber-attacks.

Eliminate False Positives

Leveraging Cyber X-Ray’s deep insights into the inner workings of the internet, DNSDome gains an unprecedented depth of understanding for each DNS query. By conducting real-time inspections on suspicious domains with unmatched speed and accuracy, DNSDome significantly reduces false positives.

Discover DNSSense solutions

Capitalising on its inherit advantages, DNSSense endows cyber security with the true potential of DNS protocol. Granting AI into its customers’ armoury, DNSSense researches and develops plug-and-play solutions that address threats at the DNS layer. DNSSense warrants organisations to maximise the value of their security investments by bridging gaps with seamless integrations, and ultimately helps to unify the security operations.

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