VideoMost Server


Self-hosted software video conferencing server available for licensing at a fraction of competitors prices.

Enterprise video conferencing with mobile messaging and content sharing

Enable people team work from any device / any network by using powerful and complete VideoMost enterprise-grade secure communication platform.

500 video participants in a conference room with extensive collaboration tools, including docs and screen sharing, whiteboard, mobile messenger, polls and more.

Using both Scalable video coding (SVC and MUX) and traditional MCU (MIX) architecture VideoMost automatically and dynamically adjusts video quality to available network conditions and CPU utilization throughout a conference session, and provides total legacy HW (Cisco, Polycom, Avaya, etc) and Microsoft software (Outlook, Exchange, Skype) interoperability.

A single VideoMost scalable server software handles up to 500 concurrent video ports on a commodity $2K Intel PC platform

VideoMost is like Zoom, but self-hosted video conferencing server and available for licensing at a fraction of competitors cloud prices